There is only one Laxá and it´s big and located in the North of Iceland.

Laxá probably has the richest history of all Icelandic rivers and most of all record fish is caught there. Laxá has the highest average weight of all Icelandic rivers.

There are 8 rods on the Nes beat.

Distance from Reykjavík is about 460 km. There are frequent domestic flights to and from Akureyri, the nearest town.

Laxa, Nes beat - North Iceland

The Lodge

The Nes lodge has 7 double rooms and 2 single rooms. The food is good and service and the atmosphere is excellent. The living room has a nice fireplace and is surrounded by the rivers´ history.


The Fishing & Tackle

Laxá is fly only and all salmon is released.

Average total catch for the last 5 years (2007-2011) is 384 salmon per year.

Recommended tackle is double-handed rods, 8 to 9 wt., 12,5 to 14 ft.