Norðurá runs in a beautiful landscape, partially through lava and a large canyon. The Norðurá is a fairly big river located in the West of Iceland.

There are 12 rods on the main beat of Norðurá, depending on the season. The lodge has been expanded and renovated for the 2017 season.

Distance from Reykjavík is about 110 km.


The Lodge

The Norðurá lodge is spacious with 12 double rooms. The food and service is great and the view over the river from the fireplace is unreal.


The Fishing & Tackle

The Norðurá is fly only. All salmon over 69cm is released.

Average total cath for the last 5 years (2010-2014) is 1.957 salmon

Recommended tackle is single handed rods, 7 to 8 wt., 9 to 10 ft.