Selá is located in the East of Iceland. Selá is a big river with many great pools to chose from.

There are 8 rods the Sela river and the fishable part is some 27km all the way to the Upper-Waterfall pool (see picture below).

Distance from Reykjavík is about 630 km. There are frequent domestic flights to and from Egilsstaðir, the nearest town.

Fishing 2007 - 1042-3

The Lodge

The lodge is new and the finest in Iceland. The food and service is first class, with award winning chefs throughout the summer. The new lodge is located high on the river bank and the view of the river is magical.

Selá í Vopnafirði

The Fishing & Tackle

Catch and release is recommended. Anglers can keep 2 fish per day and one on changing day. All fish 70 cm. and larger must be released.

Average total catch for the last 5 years (2010-2014) is 1.638 salmon per year.

Recommended tackle is single-handed rods, 7 to 8 wt., 9 to 10 ft. or double-handed rods, 8 to 9 wt., 12,5 to 14 ft.

Selá í Vopnafirði