Þverá, is the lower beat of Þverá/Kjarrá, running through a nice farmland as well as canyons.

The medium sized river is located in the West of Iceland.

There are 7 rods in Þverá and 7 on the upper beat Kjarrá.

Distance from Reykjavík is about 140 km.

Thvera - West Iceland

The Lodge

Þverá lodge is spacious, with eight double rooms, and a great balcony and hot tubs. The food and service is first class, in fact many of Iceland´s best chefs have catered at the Þverá/Kjarrá lodges.


The Fishing & Tackle

The Þverá is fly only. All large salmon is released and increasingly a lot of the small salmon as well.

Average total catch for the last 5 years (2010-2014) is 2.153 salmon per year for all 14 rods on the Þverá/Kjarrá.

Recommended tackle is single-handed rods, 7 to 8 wt., 9 to 10 ft.