Flies and Tackle

Our Dream Streams are fly only. In some of the rivers all salmon is released and in all of them all large salmon is released.

You could probably fish them with a powerful single-handed rod but when fishing the rivers up North and east you are better off bringing your double-hander as well.


In general the rods we recommend are single handed 7 to 8 wt., 9 to 10 ft. long and double handed rods 8 to 9 wt., 12,5 to 14 ft. long.

Additional information about tackle for each river can be found in our Dream Stream section.

Haugur flies - www.haugur.co.uk

We generally recommend small flies, down to sizes #14 and even smaller. We also like small hitch flies that skate on the surface, a very effective method of fishing and there is nothing like seeing the salmon break the surface and come up to a hitching fly or tube. Another fun way is to see the salmon chase the Sunray Shadow on the surface and hitting it with a bang.