• LG_www_version

    East Coast Adventures

    Posted on 26.04.2017

    Great rods available this summer If you are still interested to book a Salmon trip […]

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  • Somerset_tölva_Insta

    Show season over!

    Posted on 25.02.2017

    Summer is close! As usual we did our tour to the the Fly Fishing show […]

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  • Helgi_Flekkudalsa_2016

    Fish Talk

    Posted on 01.08.2016

    After a very good start on the Icelandic Salmon rivers this year, things have slowed […]

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  • Flekkudalsa

    Salmon Season is on!

    Posted on 06.06.2016

    The Nordura river and the Blanda river just opened this weekend with a bang! Even […]

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