Flying time from most European destinations is around 3 hours. Flying from the East Coast of US to Iceland takes around 5-6 hours.

Most international flights arrive at Keflavik airport which is about 45 minutes drive from the capital Reykjavik.


You can choose between the local airlines or some of the international carriers who fly to Iceland in the summertime. The schedule from Europe´s main cities and US East coast is quite frequent.

Laxa, Nes beat - North Iceland

Local travel

The location of some of the Icelandic rivers, especially in the North and the East, can be quite a distance from the capital. There are many domestic flights to choose from as well as car rentals.

Planning your trip

Icelandic Fly Fishermen are more than happy to help you set up the perfect travel plan.


Nationals from the EU and the US do not need Visas to enter Iceland. Other nationals please check under Visas.

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Tackle Disinfection

Before travelling to Iceland every angler travelling with his own gear needs to have his equipment sterilized before entering the country. This must be done by a certified vet that must provide you with a signed inventory list of what has been sterilized. This list must then be shown upon arrival in Keflavik. Main equipment that must besterilized:

  • Rods
  • Reels
  • Flies
  • Lines
  • Waders
  • Wading boots

This service is provided at Keflavik Airport, however it can be a timely procedure and therefore it is recommended doing this is before you travel to Iceland.